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Guest Speaker at The Photography Show

Andy was asked once again by Fotospeed to present a talk at The Photography Show at the NEC in Birmingham.

From the school and camera club darkrooms of his youth, early 4 colour Epson inkjet printers, right up to the current 12 colour state-of-the-art Canon inkjet printers we currently use now, Andy has always enjoyed the act of printing his own images.

Creating physical prints to handle and pass on to future generations is important. More images are being captured each day than ever before. We should be printing more and not relying on Facebook memories as much as we do. Future generations will thank us for it.

Being able to print on archival fibre based papers with super-vibrant pigment inks allows photographers and artists to be less constrained than ever before, giving them the freedom to get on with creating beautiful images.

At Fine Art Inkorporated we use a wide variety of Fotospeed papers and believe their enthusiasm and expertise set them ahead of anyone else in the business. They have successfully reinvented themselves in the digital era, from a traditional chemistry darkroom beginning.